Paris Is always a good Idea

With those wise words I want to start my second Post.

Normally I would introduce myself first, but I got a great weekend in Paris coming so I wanted to share this with you!
It was a gift for my parent’s birthday.
I must admit it was especially chosen for my mom. She has never been there before and I knew she really wanted to go. If I did not take her there it would never happen. My dad (not so much a traveller) just got included, because Paris is the city of love, off course.

We arrived by train in the morning; Paris was already awake. Our hotel was located in the 9th district;
which is a good place to start our trip. Palm Opera Hotel is a treat for those who like a nice and cozy hotel.
The style of this hotel is updated retro. As an interior designer I always try to stay in a nice designed place, or it would not be a vacation!

I don’t want to say a lot of words about this trip, because the feeling I have in Paris is like a dream! I would like to show you this dream with some photo’s I took.
I hope you’ll enjoy my post and if you need some advice on Paris; just ask.

P.S.Because I want to show you a lot, I made some collages.

Parijs Collage 2

Paris collage




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