Smoking Hot Protection Team

The Belgium weather is treating us these days with lot’s of sun and hot temperatures. Although it’s sometimes crazy hot to do anything, I will not complain. Rather have this weather then a rainy summer!

On these days you have to take extra care of yourself, hair and skin. I will share some of my favorite summer products with you, because taking cares of ourselves is very important. So let me introduce my smoking hot protection team:

To keep my skin fresh, clean and so ready to bronze I use the Rituals scrub Himalaya Wisdom (it’s now on sale!) I love the smell and I feel so clean after.

Summer can be harsh on our lovely hair, that’s why I use two products to keep it safe ☺: BC Hair therapy from Schwarzkopf. I use the cream after I washed my hair and on other days I use the spray. It’s the perfect protection when you’re on vacation and swim a lot in the pool or sea.

If you like to bronze but don’t want to look like granny in your twenties, you better use some sunscreen!! I’m trying a new one this year: Rituals Sun protection milky spray SPF 50. It’s with organic white tea and ginkgo Biloba; Anti-aging – Water resistant – Advanced protection system: doesn’t sound bad! (Psst: it’s on sale 50% because they’re changing the design of the bottle)

And the last product is a treat: Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist. It smells AWESOME and you feel instantly refreshed. it’s a perfect size to put it in your purse. The whole Hydra Beauty line is really interesting to use, but it depends of your skin type if you’re allowed to use it.

So this are a few tips to keep it cool but elegant and healthy these days.

Have a nice week and for the Belgians: Have a nice National Holiday tomorrow!



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