Last week I celebrated my birthday. Sadly I had to work but the good side of it was that I celebrated it for two days! One day I celebrated with my parents and the next day with a few of my friends.

The first day I went on a Birthday dinner with my parents. My mom made reservation at a restaurant I really like, named Testa Rossi. It’s an Italian restaurant that is famous for his pizzas. I love this place for the food, the wine and the atmosphere.

I had to dress up real quick, so no time to make a mess of my room. Lucky us we made reservations, because the place was fully packed. We took the white house whine and I ate pizza: & Tiramisu speculoos. It was delicious! So thank you Mom & dad for the perfect M-day dinner.

B-day outfit       Bday part 1

The next day I celebrated with some close friends. It was not organized at all, but that’s what made the night so special. We first went to Mechelen to an event that returns every Thursday: Park pop where the party started. We enjoyed the show of a local band called Frituur Paula. After the show it started to rain like in the amazon, so we decided to go for a cocktail at Barramundo. We mad a selfie that might be nit as famous as the one on the Oscars, but it was real fun!!


After changing parts of the rainy outfit I went with the die-hard girls to a Local party and danced till the early morning!!

I really want to thank all of my friends who texted me HBD, attended the M-party and gave me Lovely presents!! Love you babes!! You made my day perfect!!




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