Make a change if you want MO.RE from life

Because my vacation report takes a lot longer than I thought, I want to make a short guide for changing you’re life.

I must say that I’m longing for change for quiet some time. For me it’s the job part that’s bothering me the most, not that it’s the worst job in the world! Somehow I think I cannot grow anymore. Crisis has made everything different and I feel that creativity is more than ever needed to make life better.

It took a while before I brought a change in my life, but I’m not a quitter. When the passion starts to melt away, you have to take action. So Don’t worry just take the time you need.

To make it easier for you, I have a few tips:

1# Surround yourself with the right people

Motivation is everything and The Search for new opportunities is not always a smooth path. Best Friends make everything better! They support and help you starting the process. So let them know how you really feel and what you want to do with your life, so they can help and support you.

2# Recharge your batteries
(This is a very important step if you’re tired and uninspired.)

Take some time off from work, to relax and to get inspired. Take a vacation, go for long walks or whatever it is you need to find new power. It will help you to take some distance from your current situation and see what you want to change.

3# Update you

Update your resume and write a basic but inspiring motivation letter, that you can change to the opportunity you find. Make it different so it’s stands out. There are a lot of people looking for an inspiring job! You have to check the letter by your friends, so you don’t create major spelling mistakes.

4# Take chances

Whatever it is that you want to do, take chances! If you see a vacancy or a company that attracts you, even if you’re not completely qualified for the job; try it! Motivation is everything these days. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy, but if you don’t take a chance in life…life will not change.

5# Don’t give up

I know making changes is quiet a challenge. Now and then you’ll get a no and that’s harsh for your self-esteem. But it is what it is; life is challenging us to do better. You can really make a change as long as you believe.

These are just some tips to improve your life. I hope it helps you to get more or less what you want!

P.S. a wise quote to inspire you:

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-16 om 23.24.22If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one!
Dolly Parton, June 20, 2014





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