Quick DIY

I found this cute DIY on lovies.com. I love Washi tape and bought mine @ Merci Paris. It’s so simple, but so cool to use. This is my result:


I hope you have fun!





Hi ladies!

Yaaaay, we found the perfect product to decorate a lot off different things! We are totally in love with this product. It’s called: washi tape! Read on for a really nice Do It Yourself witch allows you to create a unique look for your phone.

Washi tape so. This is a super handy tape and you can buy at stores like HEMA and Action. Also, you can order them over the internet. Washi tape decorative tape made ​​of rice paper, so it’s very easy to tear off, o remove and can be very easy to write. You can get this tape in all colors of the rainbow. Also in different widths and with different patterns.

You can use this tape for many DIY projects. We have chosen for decorating your phone cases. Nowadays you hardly without your cell phone, so why not fun decorating !? This DIY is very easy and in no time you have a original case for your phone. We have this super cute DIY found at the site http://www.kollabora.com. Check their site for more great projects!

What do you need:

– Cardboard (could also paper)
– A pair of scissors
– A transparent phone case
– A pen
– Washi tape in various colors

Step 1:

First you need the piece of cardboard. Bring on your cardboard washi tape, determine here which pattern you want to use. In this example we use the stripes, but you can also make a zigzag pattern or one of hearts. Have fun and be creative!


Step 2:

If you finished your pattern, put your phone case on the cardboard so you can draw the circumference of case. Don’t forget the hole for your camera!


Step 3:

If you’ve drawn an outline, you cut along the line you have drawn. You now have a board with the size of your phone with your motif. You put this in your cardboard through case and you are ready! A very unique case! No one has this case and because it’s so quick, you can make different patterns. So you can often change and you’ll always have a unique look for your beloved phone.

3 4

If you don’t have a transparent cover, you can use another case. Then you can stick the tape on the cover itself, rather than on a piece of paper. But then you can’t often change appearance because you’ll need more cover. Also, the version with the cardboard is cheaper.


To give your washi tape project a finishing touch you can also laminate your charger with washi tape. You can decorate the adapter but you can also decorate the wire. Like this:

  topdreamer.com, etsy.com

You can use washi tape for many other things. Here are some ideas in a nutshell!
On the wall

7 8
boligliv.dk, konfettiform.blogspot.nl

For a party



10 11
marthastewartweddings.com, lebenslustiger.com

Your keyboard

ineedthis.net, paperedhearts.weebly.com





 We fell in love with washi tape! The possibilities are endless, you can do anything to spice up your life with washi tape. From decorating candles to Laminating your phone or even walls. Anything is possible!

What do you think of washi tape? Are you also in love with washi tape?

Good Luck ladies,

Love Loavies.

source:kollabora.com, pinterest.com, lessgraftingmorecrafting.com


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