Strikes lead to creativity

Strikes bring unexpected fun situations.
Monday morning was another day of strikes, no bus or train but a fancy coffee bar close to the train station that looks very appealing

marie logo

Never the time available to give this bar a shot, but today I had no excuse! Barely frozen from my bicycle trip and no trains! Time for some fancy coffee.

The vintage chairs make my heart melt. The nostalgic scenery is all set with the tiled bar and the menu written in chalk. I went back in the afternoon to try something more.

Naamloos kopie marie

Bar Marie is a self-service bar. You order, you pay and pick out a Nice and cozy spot! Because it’s under the headquarters of Sanoma, a lot of creative business people are finding their way to this place.

Maybe today is not the day that I can judge objective, but with the sun on my face enjoying a café latte makes me sincerely happy!

Extensive breakfasts are only my thing on vacation, but muesli with granola, fresh fruits and yoghurt or jam in a Charming pot, make me at least curious to give it another try.

I’m convinced that bar Marie is a place where you can combine necessary coffee or a tasty meal with accidently bumping in on new opportunities. So you never know how interesting your coffee is going to be.

For me it’s the perfect start of a strike day! Hallelujah for coffee and creativity!



P.S. tested & approved

IMG_0285  IMG_0289

Nuts, almond pie & Mademoiselle Tea                     Home Made Ice tea


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