Glass by Isabelle Beernaert

Saturday night, rushing to get the train town A-town Antwerp. A friend invited me for this amazing event in the City Theatre. First we had dinner at the Wagamama and then we were ready to enjoy our passion! We had very good places: a good overview so we cold take in everything.

From the few choreographers I know, Isabelle Beernaert is my favorite! The main line of this show was “You cannot find peace by avoiding life…”

In glass Isabelle took us on her train of thoughts and showed us the inevitable imperfections and the beauty of humans. In my eyes, this was a story about love, the woman and her feelings.

It was very emotional, because we could recognize ourselves in parts of the show. For me it was the perfect translation of my new year’s eve: Crazy and emotional; full of hold and released tension. The dance was filled with a lot of emotion, like passion for each other, loneliness, anger, rejection and many more.

The stage had an open installation with two walls in the center that could be opened and moved now and then. These walls had projections variating with landscapes and quotes from the film ‘The Hours’. Another remarkable piece of decor was a glass box that came out of the two walls during the show. The box contained a desk and chair and a woman was stuck in the box during most performances. A wink at Virginia Woolf perhaps?

My conclusion is that everyone who is passionate about something or dance, has to see this show!

Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures or film. But here is something to tease your mind.

sm_ sm_1 sm_2 isabelle-beernaert_3




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