Preparation Paris

Exciting news sweet birds! Maison & objet Paris is coming! It’s the fashion week for decorators/ Interior designers and the perfect escape from reality!! For the first time I will be going for a specific project, so that will be a new experience. For those who don’t know me, I have my first assignment as an interior designer, total design of an apartment. Of course preparation is required!!

Paris is the fashion capital of Europe, so I better pack wisely! When I’m there I like to be in the typical style “the Parisian style”. Her style is effortless, timeless but very elegant.

I’m taking some classic pieces with me like a little black dress, striped shirt and off course a red lipstick. These are key items for this look. I also like to take Some Chanel with me. It’s the hometown of my babies.

Here are my key items that I’m probably taking with me:

melloke        FullSizeRender-3

Other important items for this trip are a camera (I use a Nikon 1 j3 the perfect fashionista camera), Ipad and a sketchbook. This trip will be the perfect combo of business and pleasure!

GetAttachment.aspx        ipad-air-4-970x0

Paris doesn’t feel like work but like a lifestyle. I will keep you posted about my adventures, favorite hotspots and shop & do’s in this fab city. See you soon in Paris!!!



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