Paris is always a good Idea #3

Last mornings are not always sad. With a little more excitement I slowly jumped out of bed and prepared myself for my last breakfast. My outfit was a little more special today. I had one exciting point and essential point on my agenda today.
The exciting point was the most important fashion show for me: Chanel haute couture. Off course I’m no well-known Fashionista so I wasn’t invited, but I wanted to Smell the atmosphere around Grand Palais. And boy oh boy it was something!


The look

First I made myself extra fashionable. My outfit a skirt from COS a sweaters from lily leather jacket from h and m a statement necklace from Stradivarius and the piece de resistance of my outfit my peep toe ankle boots from Chanel with the statement pearl. My purse was a statement I wanted to make its a plastic Chanel bag that I got when I bought a bathing suit from Chanel and a shoe bag to make it a little less See true.

image DSC_2939


The stay

I was a little sad that it was my last breakfast so I spoiled myself with some fruits and fresh orange jus. When I finally became a vitamin bomb, I went to ask if I cold check out a little later and they gave me 1,5 hour, witch made me very happy. I must say that the staff makes this cute design hotel complete.

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-21 om 20.33.07image


The do’s

I rushed to Grand Palais, off course I was fashionably late, so I think I missed a lot, but still there was a lot to see. There were a lot of people, some of them were not aware what’s happening, for others it was the event were they could get some attention from photographers or magazines; There also a lot of paparazzi. It was really funny to see them running from here till there. When a famous Fashionista arrived they all stormed from one spot to another. I saw one photographer taking a photo of my shoes and they almost did an interview about my blog. It was something I never experienced. I hope I can come back to the next fashion week and get noticed myself.  I selected my favorite looks and  things for you. When my time was up, I rushed to the hotel to check out.

DSC_2847 DSC_3038 DSC_3138

DSC_2879 DSC_2947 DSC_2833


DSC_2969 DSC_2996 DSC_2898


DSC_3003  DSC_3008DSC_2988

DSC_3026  DSC_2793

The second part of my day was the shopping part. This time I went around to rue Royale and rue Cambon; To Prada, Chanel, Michael Kors, Kenzo & other stories.

I always like to go to Chanel because they make me feel like a princess. They are so dedicated and always tell you something about the history of Chanel. My Chanel shoes did their work; at rue Cambon, the salesperson thought I worked for Chanel, witch I find a great compliment. So these are the scores of this trip. Unfortunately my feet were killing me so I did not buy a lot.



The trip 

As this Paris trip came to an end I went back to the hotel, slipped into my comfy outfit and went to a bar for my last glass of wine before heading to my train. I ended this trip with dinner on the Thalys. Au revoir Paris, hope to come back soon.





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