The style report

Maison & Objet and Fashion week are already a beautiful memory, so here is my style report from an interior designers perspective.


The Scandinavian style is still here to stay. I love this style so much. It’s a simple but timeless homey style. I think it’s a style that you can combine with classic as well with a modern home, workspace or public space. The furniture is an inspiration for all designers I think. The designs are so geniusly simple and that is their strength why they are so timeless. This style is a great inspiration for my designs.

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A trend that is really popping up this season in interiors as well in fashion is the tropical trend. Pineapples, parrots, palm trees, tropical colors & wallpapers are taking over this cloudy and cold winter.

I don’t think this trend will stay long, but after a cold and grey winter it’s a refreshing trend. I saw this trend on Maison & objet, but when is saw it on the Chanel haute couture show, I recognized it for real. if you like this trend I would use it in one room and not in the whole house. I would use this style in the living room or the bedroom.




Also in materials there is a trend that I really love: Copper or warm metallic, also in paint it has something. Levis named copper blush as THE color of 2015. the color gives a warm touch to your interior. The copper material that is used for accessories gives a luxurious touch to your interior. It’s is easy to combine this material with a scandinavian style. It makes it even more homey and warm. This trend you also can find in fashion accessories.

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Less is MO.RE

I like to keep it short so, there are probably e few trends more that I could tell you about but this is my selection. I like to keep it simple but warm. My motto as a designer:

Design with your heart in your hand








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