Final Detox Day

Today is my day off and my final detox day. And boy Oh boy, what a day it was! The summer finally arrived today, and I took full advantage of that. I did my workouts, went shopping for some beauty products & enjoyed the sunshine.

I will take some time to evaluate this kind of detox and make a little report for your. So you can decide if it’s something for you.
All tough my inner detox is finished, I’m still not fully prepared for summer. I started a 30 day crunch challenge, planned a lot of 30 minute workouts; but tonight it’s relaxing time.

I’m going to combine detox with some relaxing time. I’m totally in love with the rituals products. They smell awesome and make skin soft. Tonight I’m spoiling myself with some Himalaya Scrub, Yogi Flow ( the most amazing shower cream) & Honey touch.
I also got a little present from the TAO collection, so that’s something for later.  Time for me to relax and smell awesome!!
I wish you all a great weekend!!





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