Favorite Color Items

Hi there, on labour day in pretty little Belgium. It took me quite a while to finish this post. But this holiday did the magic. I hope you’ll enjoy it!!


Everybody has a color favorite color, mine is blue. It’s probably because I love sea & pool views so much. I also have a hidden weakness for blue eyes, just because mine are (boring) brown. I have some items in this color that I could not live without. Here are my favorite color items:

  • Leather gloves: COS
    My faux leather agenda Boekenvoordeel
    Pencil skit: Vintage Chanel


  • Bomber jacket: F21


  • Pants: Uterqüe
    Jeans shirt: F21
    Drillfers (something between espadrilles and loafers): Primark


Most of these items are true classics that remain intact through the centuries. Blue is also a color that they use a lot for uniforms and to be honest… I had to wear one in high school. I think it had an influence on my fashion perspective, first rebellion against, than adoration for.

The darker kind of blue is great for a professional look. It’s a sophisticated color and if you combine it well, you can look very high fashion in blue. There are a lot’s of blue shades that I like, so I like to share a few looks that I found on the WWW and that I absolutely love.


I also have two favorite beauty items that are blue. And guess what blue make up is not one of it. It’s not the right color for my type. Lucky me I don’t wear a lot of make up.

  • Nail Polish Mezmerised: Essie
    Hydra Beauty mist: Chanel


Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands. The colors & the hipster names are the main reason. The hydra beauty is my favorite blue summer product. It smells amazing and keeps your make up in place. It’s perfect for traveling.

I think blue is a very powerful color, that creates a mystic atmosphere. It’s a color that I love in very different shades. So now you know a little more about my Blues.




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