For the very first time (one year later) B-day version!

bdayblog For those of you who are thinking it’s my Birthday, that’s still far far away. Time flies when you are blogin’! Today, last year I wrote my very first not much saying post; but it was the beginning of something MO.RE. I started this blog with a goal: getting MO.RE or less what I want and I wanted some change! As a young designer it is not so easy these days to find a job that you love. But I’m not someone who’s gonna sit back and do nothing about it. At the moment I’m still a light advisor so that did not change, but I’m still looking for better opportunities to come. So much for standing still, I made some progress in my very first Interior project!! I’m designing the closets at the moment. When the time is right I will give you a sneek peek. I also have a second project that is almost finished, so I’m very excited about this one. A friend of mine bought his very first bachelor pad and I gave him some advice in color, lights & furniture. And I must say it’s a relief that I still got it, because it looks awesome!!!! I hope to show it to you soon! This one gave me some new confidence to fight for this passion! curiosity

I also convinced  myself for a new haircut this year! This was a though decision! But boy oh boy am I loving this one!!Last februari I donated my hair for a charity and it made me come back alive. I know I picked out a very popular haircut, but hey I’m only human and I think it looks great on me^^. So I want to thank my hairdresser Els from Parels for this amazing haircut. She’s a friend of mine who started her own business an I’m so proud of her because she is doing so great!! So if you are in need of a new haircut just take a look at: So much for promo.. kapper There’s a lot going on lately, some good some bad and that’s the reason for the is silent treatment on my blog. But I want to make it up to you with some Picture moments which includes My grandma’s new companion, the birth of a little princess, my mom’s birthday present,my last summer proof challenge! Also my favorite coffee  moments@ Kawa Mortsel. If I see this good moment, the bad ones fade away so easily. It’s been an amazing first year with lot’s a viewers from 19 different countries, which is kinda awesome! So thanks to all my friends and readers all over the world!!!! You are amazing!! So far for my blog therapy, I hope you’ll enjoy this moments and see you soon for MO.RE. image image imageimage imageimageSchermafbeelding 2015-06-01 om 21.44.54 image Love, MO.RE


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