My survival guide to pack for (summer) holidays

Since my vacation is coming to town, I’m searching the world (wide web) to make packing bags a little less torture.  Lucky me, the Internet is full of tips and tricks, so it should be a piece of cake, wright?
I am a terrible packer, but practice makes perfect.  I use to throw all of my favorite pieces in my suitcase, not thinking that I would be trapped with a matching problem on vaca.  So to make it a little easier for you guys, I listed up my tricks and some of others.


Vaca packing tips: 


My first tip is: print out a packing list. You don’t have to write one yourself, you find lots of them on the Internet. If you use this, you don’t have to stress out that you forgot something. Here you find a good example:

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-30 om 12.38.44


Plan your outfits. It’s easy to put all your favorite things in your suitcase, but that doesn’t mean they match well.  Put them next to each other to make sure you have enough variation for different moods. And if you don’t love an outfit that you could die in it (hopefully not), leave it or change it. Take items that you can use in several outfits for example a white top.



Instead of putting your folded clothes straight from your closet into your suitcase, you better use this tip. A little bit more work but worth it! Roll your clothes or lay them on top of each other and lightly fold them all in one pile. This will help to prevent wrinkles and creases.



This is on I never thought of but damn I should: Hamam towel! I normally pack one towel for the beach, but a normal beach towel takes quite a lot of space. So I found the skinny version: the hamam towel.



The next tip I used it for quite some time: Mini beauty products. If you want lots of space in your suitcase, but not give up your beauty rituals; you should pack those in a smaller version. You have 2 options: buy them in smaller versions or buy a travel kit and fill them yourself. I do a mix of both. I buy the mini present box from rituals that contains an amazing washing mousse, a scrub, shampoo and body crème. I also take sample perfumes with me. They have the perfect size and you can take a few of them. Make sure you like the smell, otherwise they are useless. One thing you should not downsize is your favorite sunscreen


There are probably a thousand other great tips, but this is my selection. The greatest advice is that you just need your tickets to paradise, passport and wallet & everything else is just to make you comfortable. If you to a civilized place you can buy the things you forgot over there. Have a Nice vaca.




Pictures that are used in this post are mine or Pinterest users.

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