Welcome Home

It’s almost a week since I came home from paradise and I’m still adjusting to a palm treeless view.
But I must say my coming home wasn’t so bad, because the sun was shining and I did something to my room before I left.
I will give you a tip to make your coming home awesome! It doesn’t matter if you are just coming home from work or a fabulous holiday. When you had a rough day at work or this amazing holiday, you want to make sure when you come home you still smile or are happy to be home.

One of the best things to do is treating your senses. One of the most important senses to make that happen is the sent of your house. When I left home for my holiday I put something in my room that smells AWESOME! You have many ways of spreading a nice sent in a room but I use mini fragrance sticks from Rituals. You also have sprays, candles & mechanical diffusers but for those you cannot leave the house for long.

The stick have different fragrances that you can smell in their store and you also have them in two sizes.
At the moment they have 7 different fragrances: Lotus secret, Hamam secret, Sweet Sunrise, under a fig tree (my personal favorite), Pure Rose, Spice Trail & Spring Garden. You can also find them in their online shop, were you can see the prices as well.


When you come in a place that smells awful even if it’s nicely designed, you cannot run away faster. When it smells nice, you feel at home or just want to stay a while( or forever). Also some fresh sheets and new PJ’s will do the trick. I’m still working on my VACA edition, so I hope to share it with you soon!!!

My favorite fragrance




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