Creativity, Friends & food

Last week I spend some quality time with my friend & spelling master Astrid. She is one of my creative genius friends who has a Master’s in animation. Her masterpiece  Coexist is selected by the International Short Film Festival Leuven. I had the honor to see this project at her graduation show and I was amazed. I think this movie is very actual, now more than ever!

How are we the same?

To escape the all-consuming darkness, a cube and a sphere are forced to set aside their differences to stand tall.

Curious? klik on the link below for a small teaser:


Although I am not an expert in this discipline, I strongly believe that she can make a difference in the animation world. For me Astrid is a true inspiration, as a trainer and as a person. Would you like to know more about her, be sure to take a look at her website:


We had lunch at Gamine, a new kid on the block in Mechelen. You eat what they serve; it’s as simple as that. Because pictures speak louder than words, I present to you our lovely lunch at Gamine.


image image image image

I believe in quality time these days. It is a vitamine boost to handle our busy and crazy society. I wish you all a great week.




P.S. if you want a lunch like us, you can find all the needed info here:





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