Smoking Hot Protection Team (Winter edition)

Winter makes us crawl under huge fluffy blankets and enjoy the lazy vibe. With this comes the attitude of less taking care of ourselves. I use to quit my scrub program during wintertime, but when spring arrived I had to work hard to get my skin smooth as a baby again. But no lazy attitude for care this time! I will share with you my favorite winter stuff.image

Hands, hair, body & soul


Your hands are the first victims who suffer during wintertime. You better take care of these sweeties because no one likes to shake hands with sandpaper. Hand cream is one of my key items durin winter. My advice: One in your bag & one  on you nightstand. There are so many smells to chose from, but I like to keep it simple and sometimes special.
My favorite is Hand cream Linen from Hema. The package alone, screams “less is more”!!image


My hair was slightly losing its smoothness, so I went looking for a new hair mask. Lucky me, I got an amazing tip from my friend Astrid; telling me that her hair was crazy smooth by this hair mask she uses. So my new favorite is dr. organic Moroccan Argan Oil Restore Treatment Conditioner. I know, I know; more words than actions. Use this product to damp hair and leave on for 5minutes, rinse and then you can start your normal shampoo ritual.
I was amazed how smooth my hair came out of this treatment, So I have a new Love affair. obviously has a whole line, for those who want to go all the way. dr-organic-moroccan-argan-oil


In wintertime I always put my scrub ritual on hold, but that is not the best idea. So I looked for some advice at my favorite store Rituals. They have some amazing & great smelling products.  Their advice: the TAO collection.  At the launch from this line I was not such a fan of this smell, but it was not winter season at that time, so my needs were different then. This collection is perfect for sensitive skin, so it is very soft.  The scrub contains fine grains mixed into a paste, which is a soft and soothing scrub moment. My skin feels soft without being irritated. I love to spend some ME-Time in the bathroom so I use the foam and body cream as well.


In wintertime  it is important to take extra care of your skin, but even more to keep an extra eye on your soul. Because winter blues knocks you down from time to time, so it’s time to spoil your soul. For me it’s fluffy sweater, shawls & good healthy food. My new favorite item is my and other stories shawl. I love its simplicity and it makes me feel very stylish. And now the most dangerous part: food. We often let ourselves go and use winter as an excuse. I try to do it different this year. I still eat things that are not so healthy but I try to compensate this. I often eat walnuts as a snack, they contain lots of antioxidants. They have lot’s of positive effects on your body. They are also great in salad, on bread & in your cereal.




In Belgium we are not having a cold winter so far, so I try to do my running exercise in the woods. if your not such a sportive persoon; Go for a walk of sit on a bench in nature and take some time of from crazy work schedules, social media madness & hectic private lives.
image image image








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