My second home

Bonjour, bonjour, not to worry for those who don’t understand french! Finally, I am in Paris!! I always look forward to this trip filled with interior design, fashion and lot’s of Paris!

I have three goals on this journey: maison & objet, haute-couture week and soaking up as much Paris as I can. So I’m not promising anything, because when I am in Paris I get lost in time. But not to worry I will probably be all over instagram and with a little luck also on snapchat. For those who need a little encouragement to follow my Paristrip, here is a sneek peek of the things I have posted.

imageA good way to start the day is a breakfast @ the Thalys to Paris! Love first class treatments. Take as much luggage as you want and moving you whole life to Paris only takes 1:22 hours.



I love to sleep in style and with brain “je dors pas longtemps  mais je dors vite” Albert Einstein
Hotel 34B, my home sweet home for now.
I will ad more on this post tomorrow.

Bonne Nuit à tous!

You can find me here:
instagram-logo-transparent-background_zps6befc220  Instagrm: mellowantsmore (the same for snapchat)


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