My kind of fashion week

With my both feet back into the real world, my head still in my perfect world & filled with lot’s of inspiration from my kind of fashion week; I want to share my experiences to inspire you.

As a designer I have my obvious passion for interior design and my well hidden P for fashion. I dream of traveling the world for for my P’s and in january I always take some time of to work on that dream. There is one city who combines my P’s perfectly and that is Paris.image

Lucky me the two big events in fashion and Interior design are at the same period. To make this trip totally awesome I picked out the perfect home away from home: 34B ; the new kid on the block from Astotel. This brand new stay has a really cute design, inspired on the colors of the french flag but conducted in an original way.imageentranceIt starts with the facade, with your head in the sky you see a typisch Parisian façade. The Eiffel tower lights and french flag entrance set the tone. The lighting in this hotel is nicely done and here and there in a really original way. The service in this hotel is really amazing, from check-in till check-out, they make sure you feel very welcome.

receptionimagephoto3jpg image

I asked for a specific room and all tough my explanation wasn’t that clear, they made sure I got it. The room located on the 3rd floor overlooking the beautiful courtyard. Normally I am not such a fan of this view, but this one was really cute. The room was light and big enough, the french colors applied in a subtle way & the lighting was really cute. The fabric on the bed pied-de-poule in blue-white-red, the bed panel with nice lighting detail. The little desk was really cool with a cyclist in a field. The storage was cute, but quite small(Lucky me I am a compact Fashionista). The bathroom is spacious and practical.De classic sink, the perches above the toilet & the light bulbs make the interior of the bathroom really pleasant.image image imageimage imageimageimage

Je ne dors pas longtemps mais je dors vite/ I do not sleep long but I sleep quickly -Albert Einstein-

This quote is the perfect resume of my Paris visit. I don’t want to sleep long because there were so many things I wanted to do. One of those things was Maison & objet an exhibition where interior design is abundant. The fair is impressive and who wants to visit the fair thoroughly, better leave their high heels at home . This time I was prepared to nail this fair: Sneakers, my comfy knitted dress, water and a large box of cherry tomatoes. I know how that sounds “are you on a special diet?!!” Hell no but I dare to  lose track on time and with this snack in my bag I make sure I don’t faint when I forget to go for lunch.imageimageimageimage

But let’s talk about interior design, a few things I have noticed on the fair and I assume some of them wil be the trend of the season:

  • Animal: This trend comes in different forms; for me to divide into two categories a little bit scary and incredibly cute. Let me explain: scary as in stuffed animals. I like animals a lot, so I get a little uncomfortable when I suddenly stand eye to eye with a stuffed baby giraffe, despite a sign on condition of natural causes.
    And the cute versions are translating themselves in the pictures. Love, Love the little bambi!!!image image imageimageimageimageimage


  • Marble: This kid’o returns again for another year so maybe this is a keeper among the trends. I am quite a fan of marble and like the cliché one,  Carara marble (the most common one in design projects) .The reason: it is a wonderful natural product that is so pure but at the same class and luxury exudes in its simplicity.imageimage imageimage
  • Purity: Muller Van Serveren upon hearing this name my heart makes a jump of joy,  this duo with Belgian roots
    Their furniture designs are so pure but made with distinctive materials. Sometimes I ask myself as a designer, how you create to such a great trademark. Love, love, love their designs.image image


  • Tropical luxury: This trend makes me happy, because it gives you an instant holiday feel in your own home. At M & O were some wonderful examples. It makes you dream away to a world of luxury and tropical atmosphere. Interiors that serve as a therapist and they are there for better or worse.image imageimageimageimage

This fair was a productive one. I met a lot of nice people who have a passion for their product and Interiors.  With a bag filled with catalogues and muscled legs I went bag to my second home. If you have visit Paris a few times, then I have a few alternative suggestions for you. No museums, no classical monument visits, certainly no McDonalds or Starbucks. I get tired of paris but not seen, but this time I am not fallen into my traditional pattern. A few tips:

  • Bikram Yoga: I wanted to do yoga for quite some time and when I was planning my trip to Paris, the opportunity announced itself. Right in front of 34B and the ability to do a trial lesson for 27 euros (mat included); you can do yoga in the sauna. of course this is my explanation. They have courses in English for those who don’t Parlez Français. Make sure you are well hydrated to start this experience, take water and towels. For me It was a special experience, and afterwards I felt great. I was glad I could shower in the comfort of my own room, because the dressing rooms were quite hectic. If you want to know more, check their website: http://bikramyogaparis.coDSC_0204BikramYogaRiveGauche_55image
  • Free animation @ monuments: Paris is great; a regular walk on sunday or any other day can turn out amazing. Opera Garnier, the Eiffel Tower or Sacre Coeur or any other big monument; forms a beautiful scenery  for emerging artists. Especially the spontaneous entertainment in a unique location provides an ear to ear smile. This tip you cannot plan, but the places mentioned are the leading contenders. Here I share my spontaneous moment in Paris with you. (more coming soon)image
  • Parisian Bistro: Visit Paris without eating in a typical bistro, is for me like visiting Belgium without eating chocolate; so unthinkable. Of course you have plenty of choice, often more expensive. This time I chose a legend among the bistros, and close 34B. This legend: Bouillon Chantier , for more than 100 years a legend, not my chance! “One person Madame, go straight to inside” true VIP style. Here you have to be tolerate for one thing; you will be dropped where there is room, no questions asked. No problem, for me. My meal: appetizer, main course, dessert and a carafe of white wine for less than 18 euros. I had a really nice meal in a legendary place, and an experience richer. imageimage imageimageimage
  • Fashion week extravaganza: (My second P Chanel Show) Fashion Week you just have experience to understand what all this fuzz is about . Unfortunately this time I had not the best place, but I got myself a little attention with my signature Chanel shoes. I had the impression that there was more security present than last year, so the freedom of movement was limited. I have great respect for the Asian gang who are always present with massive amounts and probably waiting for many more hours than me. I hope to be the person who gets invited to fashion shows, although I mean nothing in the fashion industry . Here are my Fashion week moments:image image       imageimageimageimageimageimageimage
The end of this fantastic trip always makes me a little sad, but a small shopping moment at Printemps and a salute to the Eiffel Tower, do leave me with a melancholic smile. In sporty tempo loaded with suitcase and beautiful memories, quickly I to Gare du Nord for a security check and then plop down in my comfy chair with a dinner on my lap. A bientôt Paris, hurry home for part 2 of my kind of fashion week.

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