The “I will make it up to you” confession

Lately I’ve been not quite the blogger and I feel a little bit guilty to hold you from my Germany adventure. But Like they say good wine need some time to grow, and it’s the perfect excuse to cover up the crazy work schedules. To make it up to you that you are in this annoying waiting line for my G-adventure, I will give you a sneak peak on my latest project.

I’ve been working on and off for this project and now there is finally some real progress in this P. Last wednesday I had the opportunity to visit the project in real life instead of plans. I can tell you, it’s like a mommy meeting her firstborn; goosebumps!!! But enough with the talking. Here is my first Project:imageimage

The front of the building is characterized by the sloping wall and the colored shutters, these repeat itself at the back of the building. It is the apartment on the 7th floor. With the blue blinds. I can only show you the technical progress, because my designpart is still a a work in progress. But the view is like really impressive.

Every big window has an amazing view over Mechelen. Some room’s in progress and like you see the kitchen is is the most evolved. The toilet and bathroom need a still a lot of work. I’m really excited to see that all my technical work has made the difference. Because it took a lot of hours to make things work and you don’t always see that as an outsider.image image image image

The rest of the design is still a work in progress and confidential until the client gives his agreement, but I can show you my vision for the loose elements. On sunday I went on inspiration trip for the furniture and the decorative pieces. I went to Cockaert in Meise who is well known for there amazing design collection. The colors and materials still needed to be attuned to the general design.image  image image image image image imageimage

Like you see, still a lot of work to do, but at least now you why I’m not such a good blogger. For me it is my true passion to design and decorate interiors. I work hard to make my way in this world and all tough it’s hard, I never want to give up this dream. So if you have a passion or a dream, whatever it is or how hard the way  to reach your goal feels, as long as you have passion for it, you will earn it eventually.
I wish you all an inspiring week.





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