The update post

It has been the silent treatment for quiet some time on the blog because I am thinking what could be the next best topic. But I cannot stay silent forever (at least not yet), since you are giving the silent treatment back. My stats are taking the stairs to the cellar, but the only why is up! (No more sad graphs)Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 12.10.02

We had some shitty weather in pretty little Belgium last month (also called Aprilse grillen), so we are all desperately in the mood for sunshine. As an interior designer I am totally into paradise interiors that give you the instant summer feeling even when it snows outside. Some palm tree pillows and some tropical cocktails glasses will do the trick.Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 13.35.58 Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 13.37.14

I also had a reality check that I am not so up-to-date with my summer workouts, so I am trying some things that prepare you (and me) for summer in a more lazy but healthy way. So when the test results are out, I will share my opinion about this. I also like to prepare my skin for the sunny days, because we all love a healthy bronze and I am no exception. So keep your eyes on the blog for some (healthy) tips.
The interior project I have been working on is still a work in progress and we are in a waiting phase for custom made & loose furniture, lighting and lighting. So I will keep you posted about my little baby is doing.imageimage image


I am so excited about the next thing I want to share with you!!! A while ago I won a free online course of the great Zanita, so I hope to find some time to follow this very very soon. I love to learn & improve myself and if it’s from  a person like Zanita, I can only make some joy jumps. I really love her down to earth personality and her generosity of sharing her knowledge.Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 16.05.37

I also got two assignment from two friends, who asked my to design a logo and a cover for a music album. A little bit nervous to take this assignment because I’m not a graphic design or an artist; I took this chance with both hands to see what I’m capable of. The cover is in a finishing phase, so I will reveal it soon, if this friend gives his approval. The logo are in a determined color and shape, but the final version has yet to be done phase.Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 16.15.43 Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 16.16.10


So if you are curious about one of these topics, keep your eyes on the blog. I can understand that some of you are too impatient to wait for all those topic to rise and shine on the blog, but do not worry on Instagram you can follow a bit my do’s and inspirations. So please follow, share or comment because after all; we all like a little attention and compliments now and then.


Before I end this post I like to give you a little assignment. Do not get all grumpy, it is an easy one and in the end it will lead you to the first give away that I want to do with my blog. Last year I ended with 501 visitors which is awesome!!! but now I want more!
Share this blog with your friends, family or business colleagues all over the world; so I have 501 visitors on the second anniversary of my blog. So to give you an update I need an other 296 unique visitors before the 3th of june.
So put on your imaginary online sneakers if you want this give away! Good Luck!!


I wish you all a very nice and productive week!!





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