Tropical vibes inside

We went from summer temperatures to chilly, rainy weather from one day to the next in pretty little Belgium. But when summer disappears outside, I still have my little paradise inside. Talking about the tropical interior trend, one of my personal favorites.f76c763dd9bece3d90316fd690167135222413d2259c359ac3dfa0514c9fcbc4



We all love holidays, one a bit more than the other. But one thing is for sure we all need it, from time to time. For me, the sun is a very important factor and that combined with a palm tree and breathtaking views. Unfortunately, most of us do not enjoy 365 days of holiday. But as an Interior designer, I have the perfect solution to have a little hideaway for all the days you cannot go on a holiday. You can enjoy yourself when summer is taking a break or when the suitcases are standing unemployed in the closet. If you want to dream away and relax, make your home into the perfect hide away.e8fb8ac6796554c2940df7f61283cda5



Of course there are so many ways you can apply this trend in one or all of your rooms. If you like it minimalistic, green tropical plants and sober pink gold or wicker accessories already do a lot. If you want to go all the way you can mix any tropical print in wallpapers or fabrics with each other, but you need to be a pro for this one. Just to make sure that it all makes sense and that it gives a relaxing holiday effect and not the “oh nook what have I done now”. If you want to do prints but are not quite the expert, you can start quietly with combining some cheerful pillows. You can mix and match them in store and ask a sales persoon what he or she things about the combo. If you are lucky they even make a better suggestion.


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Focus on prints



If it’s a trend you will find in any interior design shop a range, but it is always looking for the right stuff. My personal favorite for tropical interior stuff is Zara Home. Rummage in a Zara Home is one of my preferred shop activities, because the settings and inspiration ideas are beautifully presented and luxurious. To me it is like a candy store.AAEAAQAAAAAAAANWAAAAJDZmYzIwY2ExLWMxOGUtNDQyMS1hZTQ4LWEwYTVmZTAxODNiZg

Of course not everyone wants to spend the same budget on interior and stuff like Zara maybe not everything fits into your budget HM Home a good alternative. The only sad because I think they pillowcases but have in one format and that makes you can not drop balanced composition of cushion in your chair or bed. A new kid on the block and one of my favorite online shops for fashion has started with a lifestyle collection. I am totally in love with their carpets and cushions and they are very reasonable in price.
Hm Home



Schermafbeelding 2016-05-16 om 12.54.21Schermafbeelding 2016-05-16 om 12.54.51Schermafbeelding 2016-05-16 om 12.55.38


Because I do not have my own place yet, I cannot quite do what I want concerning the interiors. But in the mean time I keep collecting things until I found my dream home. I love combining vintage with tropical prints and decoration. Some decoration I got when I was a little girl and they looked absolutely hideous but if they would end up in the right place. So my tropical hide away is a work in progress, but with all the little things it is coming together.image image image image image image image

Basically this trend is hanging on for a few years, because even tough it is a specific style, you can adjust it to your own level of holiday. We all need to take time off from our busy lives now and then and our home is the closest place place to do that. The most important thing is that you feel awesome and relaxed in your own home.





Pictures used in this post are my own or found on pinterest or the websites from Hm Home, Zara Home & Stradivarius.



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