Out of comfort zone for friends

A while ago I got almost simultaneously two different assignments from two interesting peeps. Among my friends, I am known as a creative person who often makes very personal gifts. I think that was why these assignments came out toward me.
Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 14.51.26 Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 14.51.55 Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 14.52.25


It should just be about the two most intelligent people in my circle of friends who neatly one after the other came to me with a creative assignment. The first assignment was to design a logo for a psychologist specializing in sleep research. She wanted a logo that could support this topic at lectures, courses and on her future website. Pleasantly surprised with this assignment, I went straight to work. This is not exactly something that belongs to my daily tasks, but sometimes you need a real challenge to push your limits of creativity.

The first letter of her passion and specialization, namely Sleep Research, inspired the design.  I made some test logos to determine the direction. So she could chose the base from which I could continue working on. The shape of the logo was fixed fairly quickly, but finding the right color and definitive performing technique took longer to complete.image


The tryouts with pencil, watercolor and crayons did not immediately achieve the best effect. For the final design of this logo, I went looking for a technique were I could search the perfect color and deformed the paper as little as possible. Acrylic paint was the perfect partner in crime. For the final effect I have made a color test and cut out the shape of the logo to color with paint. And here you see the final result:
Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 14.50.00Logo Iris 1
My second assignment was to make a cover for an online album, also something very new for me. I listened to all the songs and was intrigued by this distinct genre. I do not know a lot of music to tell you more, but to this music I feel is perfect for modern dance performances. It is not the kind of music that will becoming a hit sensation, but it does not always have to be popular to be good.

I based the design on the title “squares extinguish fire,” which is pretty obvious when you see the covers. Again, I made some trials and I discussed these with the musician. The design consisted of a black figure with a square head trapped in a square is surrounded by flames. These flames come to head back. We are often deaf to the threats / problems around us or in our own head.
image image image


I tried different techniques and it took some time before I found the right. Again acrylic paint proved  to be my partner in crime. This took a little bit more time to get to the final result. I worked in fases to be sure I did not mess up the final result.image Schermafbeelding 2016-06-12 om 14.49.16

You can listen to the album via the link below:


Whether you like it or not, that is a choice you make yourself. What I want to tell you with this, is that you can do more than you think and you sometimes have to crawl out of your comfort zone to look over what talents you possess. From each project you learn and it is okay to fail. If it is too easy you learn nothing and if it goes smoothly, enjoy.

Honored that these people have entrusted me with their mission, which is the creative reflection of their passion. I want to thank them for these unique assignments that brought me out of my comfort zone. Surprised that these commands are both successful, I can only conclude one thing.

Do not be put off by new things and see them as a challenge and enrichment.





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