My week in pictures

I have been so busy lately that I have not found the time to spoil you with some new blogposts. I finally got a deadline for my first project as an interoir designer and there is still a lot of work. I am so excited to reveil my designs to you but first I need to finalize the last details. To make it u to you I like to share my week with you in pictures.


Monday is not my favorite day, so no picture today!



Tuesday I found some inspiration for my trip to Brussels. The cutest coffee to go!



Wednesday enjoying my day off in Brussels. Time to score some sales!

image image imageimage image


Thursday today was quite a day. Clients these days are getting more difficult and they don not have any respect for you, but what happened later made me speechless again. There are no words to cover all the suffering. There are no words good enough to fill the void, but there is one idea that will not yield to this abomination. My thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends.



Friday today I got spoiled by my colleague ^^. After work I went for a run :p



Saturday Party time! One of the girls from Ballet/jazz class is the Birthday girl today!! It was a lovely party!



Sunday was quite the busy day! It started slowly with some coffee in bed, went on with my weekly active me-time & light lunch and ended with the dinner for my dads birthday!

image image image image


It was quite a week and an even more busy week-end! Luckily next week we have our national holiday so I have a week-end!
I hope you enjoyed my little post. If you are curious for more, you can follow me on Instagram. I hope that you keep on visiting, sharing and liking my blog. Have a nice week.





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