Perparation Summer Edition

I am certainly not the countdown girl, but my vacation will be there before I know it! No time to countdown, but rushing to have everything ready in time. This year I am going to the hotspot of 2016, who has returned from the nineties?! I leave in exactly three days and have only this day free to prepare things! And by the way, stress is included in the price. How do I survive this stress and prepared me for my trip? Very simple, last minute preparation.



For myself, I always plan a wax as close to departure, no hassle with shaving. I’m not a Barbie but gel nails are super! No damaged or melted polish for me.



If we talk about packing bags, I’m really a stress chicken! But every year I manage to improve myself. Here I share some of my tips!!!

  • Put your clothes separately and go ahead composing your looks: it may perhaps appear banal but if you just take what you like, you can get in trouble if you forgot the perfect top for that skirt. DRAMA! Tip if you find this important off course.




  • Roll your clothes on. So they get crumpled and you have more space! So this is a win win situation.


rolling-shirt-intro-ictcrop_gal 55efd22e2d43f7893062018baccfddf2

  • print out a checklist. If you are in a hurry you intend to forget things, so a checklist can be handy!


  • Schermafbeelding 2015-08-30 om 12.38.44


  • Buy mini care products: we girls often have a fairly extensive range of care products; a scrub, anti-wrinkle cream, shampoo, hair mask and just go on. But unfortunately we cannot get our whole life in a suitcase and still remain within the limited weight that you can take on a holiday. My favorite brand rituals provides travel and gift parcels and those are ideal for traveling.



Unfortunately I do not have a personal assistant who takes these tasks out of my hands, so I will see you in three days on my way to Ibiza.



PS: For those wishing to see more of my adventure? Follow me on instagram.






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I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

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