The october silence

You must be wondering when that Ibiza post finally will appear!! To be honest I am not so sure when, but certainly before you plan your next summer holiday to Ibiza! It has been the most silent month of MELLOWANTSMO.RE in history… In the meantime a few Ibiza moments to keep you curious for MO.RE…

I have been quite the bussy girl this last few weeks; almost flown directly from the airport to my project to startup the painting job. Now we are in the final fase and I am crazy excited and a little sad at the same time, because it will be over soon…

The costumed cabinets are placed, the final details of the painting job will be finished this month, The lighting will be placed & the loose furniture will be arriving soon. I want to take this opportunity to thank my clients for this amazing opportunity to design their new home. I feel totally blessed that they took a chance on me. Even though the project went  not always that smooth, I enjoy every stage of it and have learned a great deal. Of course I will share my first symbolic baby with you when it is finalized, but for now just some little bits and pieces to keep you curious!


At the same time I returned from my vacation, I lost my beloved companion. At that moment it was very difficult to remain professional, but I did it. I will miss the only man who laid at my feet every night.


One of the main reasons that my post did not appear yet, has to do with the desire to get my blog up to the next level. The blogs that I follow to get tips of on how I could improve mine, are ‘career girl daily’ and ‘zanita’. Brittany  writes for ‘Zanita’ & has her own blog ‘not another blonde’; she took a look at my blog and advised me to edit my pictures or work with a photographer. You must be thinking “what the **** ! you do not take the time to edit your pictures?!” Part of it has to do with time, but the biggest reason: I do not know how to start… So guess I need to learn a little more about this to get my blog on that higher level. But I want to thank you for still looking at my blog although the pictures are not of the best quality!!


Now about the American election… I will not make a statement about that… just this:  we must bear the consequences of the deeds and hope for the best. I wish you all courage for the days to come.



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I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

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