Breath & Reboot

A day at the beach restores the soul #rituals

Life does not always turn out the way we want to. We often get challenged to see how well we rise after falling. We sometimes get overwhelmed by all the impulses from daily life. The most important thing is to take a break from time to time, to reset your mind.

It has been quite the change this year; starting with adjusting to my new job and going solo on my first project. The last one was the bigger challenge and It was not an easy ride, but those are the most interesting ones. Even tough the project is in nearly finished, it still challenges me.  Before I  tackle the last obstacles, I descided to take a short break. 


I found the perfect spot to reboot  my head, the sea. The endlessness brings rest to my always busy head, and why not do it in style at Thermae Palace.  This place breathes architectural history and old fashion grandeur.  I want to be kind for this place because I really enjoyed being here, so I closed my eyes for little things. Of course this place needs a renovation and it does not have al the modern luxuries, but if you see the breathtaking views you know you need to focus on the  positive things.

The staff of this hotel is so kind and if you are Dutch speaking you will hear the charming West Flemish accent. I booked my stay trough Travel bird and I had quite the package: two nights, 2 breakfasts, sauna, pancakes for 2, a bike & a late checkout.

When I go to the sea I always prefer to see it as much as I can so I booked a room with a view and it was so worth it! The room was spacious, light & the high ceilings give that little extra to the room. The bathroom had a old fashion sink and Dressing table which made it quite charming. Like I said before the room needs an update and I hope they do it with style. I am always prepared to give some ideas!

This time I focused on relaxing, long walks and jogging on the beach. With his gorgeous direct entrance to the beach, this was the perfect stay. The galleries which gives the hotel the necessary grandeur are ideal for walks or just staring to the sea on one of the benches. But Ostend has a lot to offer, even in wintertime!  The indoor ice rink makes sure you are totally immersed in the Christmas spirit.  The cozy little shop who make giftshopping much more fun or in my  case  a bike ride along the sea, where you  can admire different artworks on and next to the beach;  but the sea was the greatest artwork of all.

We cannot change the fact that life occasionally overpowers us, but as long as we give ourselves the time to reboot; we can manage the world. I can strongly recommend the sea for this kind of job, with its invisible forces that fill you with energy and relaxes you completely. And if you are an architectural geek like me, Thermae Palace is a highly recommended stay.

imageBreath-in,  breath-out and enjoy your second part of this week.



P.S. If you want to know more about my stay:; if you want to know more about Ostend:  or


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