Happy new year

Happy New Year everyone!! My evening was pleasant, my night fun, and the disillusionment followed faster than expected. I’ve been robbed of some personal belongings and that was a downer for the start of the year.
I can only hope that you had a much better one!!

But what made the suffering less worse is that I was surround by my greatest friends. So I want to thank them for screaming with me, walking me to the station & offering a coffee. So in terms of friendship I could not be more happy to be surrounded by such great friends during the transition of the year.

For 2017 I hope that it is going to be an amazing year filled with lost of creativity, love, friends, traveling & making dreams come true! I want to wish you everything and more, and I hope that you will visit me even more than last year!




Published by mellowantsmore

I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

2 thoughts on “Happy new year

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed. It is nice to be surrounded by friendly people in time of great need. You are lucky to have such devoted friends. I hope the loss wasn’t too painful and you will soon recover the stolen items and your peace of mind. Happy New Year šŸ™‚

    1. Dear Kate, Thank you for your comment! I am really lucky! The scarf was my favorite, hat and gloves I will survive it and the jacket yeah.. Some mindfulness & sale shopping will ease the pain. Happy New Year to you!!!



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