Pura Vida

I underestimated the power of Costa Rica and blogging at the same time. Living the Pura vida life is quite intense. I came here on Saturday after two good organised flights by Iberia and I have been spoiled ever since.IMG_2523

The beauty of this middle American country is in it’s diversity of nature and the people; so if you like one of these two things, Costa Rica should be your next destination. Some of you might be thinking that you need to wear some unfashionable Indiana jones outfits, but there is always an other way. I am doing this trip with a little sense of fashion, but off course in a comfy way.

IMG_2359IMG_2454For those of you who are curious but not sure of there Indiana jones level, I strongly recommend  doing this trip by a tour operator like neckermann. Or similar. Why? It is adventure with the C of comfort.

If you still need to be convicted or just want some tips and tricks how to do Pura Vida with a little bit of style, I will share the besties and misties (mistakes) for an inspiring,adventurous holiday.I am not sure when because I am under the Pura Vida spell.IMG_2470XO





top: forever 21

shorts: H&M

slippers: reef

Mosquito bracelet: parakito

MWM bracelet: spell on me

necklace: free mind free soul

Nikon one




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I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

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