Adventures to come, future to plan

While I am still trying to shape my amazing Costa Rica adventure in a blog post, I already worked on a plan to create my future. In between trying to get out of the jet lag phenomena, working out, learning Spanish, I have followed a much-needed Instagram workshop. And boy oh boy did we learn! My brain and I are still under the impression of the passionate Frances from My Life In Colors. I have thons of respect for people like that! So, if you are curious about my Instagram, I would not mind if you took a sneak peak @mellowantsmore and if you like coloured outfits @mylifeincolors_ is the prefect match for you.


I found this workshop organised by Byooma on Instagram stories from @cindyvandyck from the after work blog .  Byooma is a company that focussing on training and coaching for brands and influencers. So if you want to make your, blog, Instagram or brand ready to succeed?! You know were to go!



In the mean time I am working on post for be the adventure, an online retailer of travel apparel and gear who focusses on sharing travel stories with their community.  They asked me to write something for them about my Pura Vida adventure. When I got this message on Instagram during my stay in Costa Rica I was beyond honoured that they asked me. So I have made a selection of places where I stayed and made some beautiful memories. I already want to thank them for asking me.  So I will keep you posted about when it will appear online.



I decided from now on to live more to travel. Even tough my Costa Rican adventure has not appeared online; I have already planned a few other trips!! Are you too curious to wait? @mellowantsmore !! I will be forever thankful for your support!


Pura Vida!

XO Mellowantsmore

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I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

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