New year, new dreams

My dearest readers/ followers/ occasion visitors,

First of all I wish you a successful New year filled with love, opportunities & dreams that finally come true. I celebrated the New Year very low key and it did me some good. I was not the only one…Apparently a lot of people did not want to make it a big deal since it’s an every year returning event for the rest of our lives.

Last year was kind of a bumpy ride, with a few highs and a bit more lows. But lucky me, I can start all over again! I planned a few fun thing and while I am writing this post I am actually packing for my first trip of the year, Paris!IMG_1590

My beloved Paris, I need to be sweped off my feet again! I want this year to be the year that I am really making a difference in my life! Sometimes I need a kick under my ass (It’s a Belgian expression: for I need someone to push me/or I need to push myself) because sit and wait for it does not work in the real world.IMG_1585

If you are kind on the same the same boat, we can motivate each other to get where we want to be.  A few tips already: start to work out ( it can be any thing, as long as you enjoy it) , try to eat healthy more often and take time for yourself. It might al seem easy but it take courage to keep it going for longer than a week! It is better to make small changes than to go in overdrive!IMG_1583

But enough with my whining, I need to pack my Bags for Maison & Objet and Paris fashion week! I wish you a nice weekend and see you in Paris!





col molton: Eric bompard

pants: Noisy May

skirt: Chanel

bomber: Chanel

shoes: Adidas

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I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

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