Inspired by the air

It has again been the longest time since I made a post on my blog! I cannot explain why I did not have been so kind to give you an update about my current plans. At this moment I am high up in the sky on my way to Prague. Yet again the sky inspires me to write… maybe I should change my life plan and become a full time blogger with a sky office. Sounds like an awesome plan, but there are already so many blogger who do this for a living.CB45C856-237E-4ECB-98AF-3E63BB09D321

Enough with the dreaming part and back to position air! I am always in the mood for a trip in the air and this time I will be going to Prague. To be completely honest, the destination does not give me goosebumps but I guess that is the best way to be surprised. I am more a palm tree kinda girl with an architectural twist. So I guessing the architectural part will be quite satisfied to visit this city.

I cannot help when I am planning a vaca fashion and design are always on my mind so I tried to pack some lovely outfits for this trip and booked a nice design hotel. I will try to do my best to share my adventures with you and I hope that they inspire you to do the things you love.

P.s. for those of you who wonder what happened on my Paris trip, I will try to set this online as soon as I can.

For now, I wish you all a lovely night and see you soon or later in one of my adventures.



Published by mellowantsmore

I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

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