Guest post: Clothes make the man

By Dimitri Hellemond

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A popular English proverb meaning: “appearances count for a lot”.
Whatever the origin of the phrase, be it penned down by William Shakespeare or from even older roots
dating back to ancient Greece (Garments make the man), its message still rings clear to this day.
Appearances count for a lot of things.
In this modern day and age, fashion has become a multi-faceted industry with a lot more depth than the
mundane man will ever grasp.
Fashion is a statement of individuality.
Of creative freedom.
Of philosophy.
Of life-affirming and embracing creativity.
Like a single beam of light travelling through a prism and breaking down in a multi-colored palette.

Fashion is for everyone, except for nudists perhaps.
It is for anyone who takes great pride in his or her individuality and who takes the liberty to express their
individual creativity.
Humanity has many languages apart from the ones spoken and written.
We speak through emotions.
Through our clothes.
We like to express who we are and what we do.
Like any other language, fashion in this sense is a language to be learned and mastered.

Like any other language, being able to speak clearly, fluently and to convey messages in a concise
manner takes practice and knowledge.
Fashion is no different.
It is not so much “what is worn” but moreover “what do I express”.
Everywhere around you people express themselves.
Their clothing combinations and accessories.
An unspoken language.
Different styles, different occasions, different functions, different materials,…

Fashion, while popularly considered feminine in energy, is also masculine.
The art of concise communication and representation is a universal concept.
Too many supposed “manly men” are way too busy flaunting their egos around to the extend of failing to
understand they are cutting off a very important mode of communication.
To be properly dressed is a skill.
Men’s fashion is heavily underrated, apart by those who are successful, while it should be of higher
Women express themselves through their dresses, shirts, accessories, make-up.
Signalling their well-being. Their happiness. Their energy.

Men’s fashion upholds the same principles and, to anyone striving for successes, this language must be
mastered and spoken.

Anyone with experience in sales and management will exclaim and adhere to a dress code.
“To look professional”.
This is due to the idea of “representation”.
You represent yourself in each and any situation.

Let’s get a little bit “sexist” and take for granted a common idea.
“The only thing men want is sex”.
I have seen many a “player” or supposed “girls man” trying to flirt with multiple women.
I hear and see men complaining how “she’s giving off mixed signals”.
I have heard and seen women complain how “he didn’t get the message”.
I was not surprised.
Women are masters of communication.
When communicating with anyone, and the issue of non-understanding is brought up, the root of the
problem is generally:

  • one or both are badly expressing themselves
  • one or both are talking another language

When it comes to the dating market, the first is the main contributor to frustration.
Seldom or never the latter.
We see, and know, women preparing themselves.
We can compare a woman to a lush and beautiful garden.
Full of blooming flowers and idyllic arrangements.
Men, when it concerns fashion and communication, are generally akin to plain fields of grass.
Communication is clean and flat.
You get what you see.
It is rare to encounter a man who has mastered this unspoken language to such an extend that it can
read and understand the beauty of it.

It is with this in mind that I would like to state the following.
Men, fashion is not overtly feminine. It is an unspoken language that must be mastered.
Women, do apologize for the masculine communicative blandness.
While your message resembles a lush garden, we only are capable of understanding the most basic of
arrangements laid out to us.
Do not try to speak to us in a floriographic way as the response you would be getting is best visualized
as a caveman hitting his own head with his club, while pointing at the grass underneath your bare tender
feet while shouting “green”.
We understand this causes confusion but we mean well.
Few have mastered the finesse to speak so many languages at the same time at such a level of
communicative mastery.

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