The single girl lockdown guide

If you don’t know Covid 19, you have come from out of space… We are forced to change our lives completely. Keep distance: that’s fine; Wash hands a lot: Let’s do this; No group lesson or fitness: going crazy about that one; No parties or drinks with friends: not pleased at all; Staying away from older family members: Love them to much but understandable. And I am just a single girl…

Since last weekend our small country Belgium started to go in some sort of “lockdown”. Some sort?! I am still working but behind closed doors; but my workout schedule completely crashed as my fitness and personal coach had to close their business. We are challenged in so many ways and we get overwhelemed by the information we receive everywhere. Luckily there is also a positive side; solidarity is heartwarming, creativity is stimulated in each one of us. And I feel in need to be a part of this positivity in this crazy times, so here is my “Single girl lockdown guide”.

One thing that I had before this virus took over my agenda and basically my whole life is structure. Structure is very much needed to keep up with your goals, to feel calm and to not go down to Netflix mode for a whole month. It depends if you work or not how your structure will look like but I feel that both schedules need sports in it before or after work or Two times a day. Why? because sport creates endorfines and the make you happy. Build in some outdoor moments, rest & some social distancing approved contact with humans and /or animals. Be creative as we have to fill in a lot of hours. To help you structure: a free week planner. Want to go pro career girl daily is the place to be.

Photo by Career Girl daily

Second thing stay healthy in mind and body. Its starts by eating well so lots of vegetables and fruits, but also the pleasure of a cookie with a home made latté. Don’t do any crazy diets just eat balanced and don’t be to hard on yourself. My girl from LA Lisa does some amazing live cooking so check her out on Instagram To stay healthy we also need to add some movement and this one is good for mind and body. You don’t need to overdo yourself, but just feel what you personally need. A simple walk in nature can do the trick. If you had a (small) panic attack when you fitness center closed down (like me). Go on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook and you will find lot’s of classes and variation to stay in shape during lockdown. My personal favourites are: Yoga with Adriene, Strong by Zumba and Barreshape (also available as an app)

If you don’t have to go to work or work from home, take you chance!!! Make time for things you enjoy doing or procrastinating . Start with the spring cleaning, not my favourite but it will give you a lot of energy to start on a clean slate. If you are done with that, do fun stuff like, for me that is blogging. If you like to be creative but don’t know how to start, my lovely friend Astrid started an Instagram to help you out: go to Creascha to activate you inner artist.

Support your local businesses as they are going true a difficult time. As for me personally I try my best to support locals in Belgium. A great initiative for my BE visitors can be found here: HAPPYATHOME . So wherever you are, show some love and support to your locals entrepreneurs. If you want you can comment down bellow with the business that you like to support. Show some respect for those who take care for others and us.

Fotograaf Phil MTX for 2800 love

Be social from a distance: We are SO incredibly lucky! We have Facebook, Skype, Instagram and so many ways to stay in touch. As a single person, we are allowed to see one friend from a distance and I try to do this as safe as possible: wash hands, temperature check before I meet up and keep distance. So be kind to you single friend, and single friend: I am here for you! We will do online parties with the rest of the world

I hope this post will keep you healthy, fit and happy wherever you are. Stay safe, be kind to yourself and others and don’t loose your dreams. Feel free to share your tips in the comments bellow.

Love MO.RE

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