M&O 2020: The trends

In a world that is currently upside down I like to go back to the wonderful month of January. When looking back I would never have thought this would be the last International design fair I’d visit for the time being. I could not get myself to finish this post more early for reasons, but now I have the best opportunity for sharing it.

My designer heart is beating a little faster when January came along as I travelled to Paris to visit Maison & Objet.  The first month of the year always starts with an interior trend check up and this trade fair ensures that anyone who is passionate about interior design can start the year afresh with the latest trends and items. For those who have never visited this fair be prepared to be amazed. The presentation of this exhibition is on point. It is with great passion that I share the trends I saw and point out my personal favorites.

The theme of this year’s edition is (RE) GENERATION to celebrate the 25thedition of this fair.  It is dedicated to the younger generation who have increasing awareness about the state of the world in which we live today. Challenges such as climate and more enjoyment in life in between as the need to work longer is a given.  This generation is more committed to create a better world, changing the rules, and most important, to change the consumer’s behavior in the sector of home and lifestyle. So they asked numerous designers to show their vision on the ultimate living space. Here below you find some examples with my favorite from Adrien Garcia:

The trends that I picked up are the Nature and ZEN vibe and with the first one I fell completely in love. It seems the interior industry has picked up on the fact our busy lives are getting the better part of us, and the best way to compensate and wind down is by returning to a peaceful home. The colors are softer, be it light or dark, lots of soft materials like velvet are being used.

I feel that this year the different interior brands have calmed down their styles and customized their portfolio to create Zen environment. The colors are still present but have become more balanced and blended. The use of soft materials and different textures keeps it all very interesting.

The nature trend is stronger than ever! The importance of nature is an underestimated power. This generation understands, more so than every other generation before, that we only have one planet and we should be taking care of it, by developing sustainable products. The big brands use the natural materials like wood or stone. The brand which has blown me away the most is the Belgian company Sempre life; they hosted one of the restaurants/food stands on the fair in the same natural theme, but their stand swept me of my feet. From the couches, the glass vases to the wood/natural stone tables surrounded by greenery and a wicker baskets to the dreamer bedrooms and bathrooms; they made me dream away.

My passion for lighting was sparked again this year at M&O who chose Michael Anastassiades as designer of the year. For me he is a lightdesigner who has mastered the simplicity of lighting so well. He has also been working with FLOS, a leading Italian lighting manufacturer, for over 10 years.

An other brand that has always tickled my interest is Tekna, a Belgian company I got to know by visiting this fair and I am exhilarated about them. It is a brand which designs and produces in Belgium and I love the way they use honest materials like brass. This brands stand for simplicity while guarding the authenticity of their products.

Yaay! One of my favourite lamps of Brokis Muffin is celebrating it’s 10th birthday. I love the combination of the pure yet simple shape in combination with honest materials like wood and glass. I have used those in project M.

As a designer I am passionate to go for the smallest details. Serax is a brand that reminds me that my creativity does not fit in one box. The collection by Ann Demeulemeester made me dream away of my own collection of ceramics and there was more than that!! A very feminine lighting collection characterized by frills.

There are so many other brands which have blown me away and I feel this fair shows you the best of every style. Even though I do not like everything that they show, the brands put in great effort to offer an inspiring experience. I am already looking forward to next year.




Image credit to Anne-Emmanuelle Thion (1, 3 &5)
Image credit Sempre life 10-14

Andrian Garcia: https://www.studioadret.com

cozy sofa: https://phcollection.be
Side table & poof: http://legacy.domedeco.com
Pillows: https://claudi.nl

Nature interior: https://sempre.be

Designer of the year: https://michaelanastassiades.com/collection
Flos: https://flos.com/designers/michael-anastassiades/
Tekna: https://www.tekna.be
Muffins: https://www.brokis.cz

Ceramics & Lighting: https://www.serax.com/nl/ann-demeulemeester

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