My quarantine Favorites

I had a next post planned about my trip to Paris but it did not feel wright to post it at this stage of time.  Corona is keeping us inside our homes and traveling to an other country seems so far away for now. So Before I let you dream away about traveling to another country, I want to take you on an interior trip and share a fashion trend that is making a come back. And this trend can even spice up your quarantine time because you can just do this at home!

Our living room, kitchen and bedroom are getting a lot more attention from us as we visit them more than ever. Quarantine is forcing us to stay inside as much as possible, depending on where you live. So no better time to make it as cozy or adventurous as we want. So lets make a trip to my favorite interior spots.

First stop Mediterranean vibes with Zara Home. This is the place to be for that elegant, Zen bohemian chick style. They let you dream away on their website with their sunny atmospheres. And if you want to style your/home from head to toe, you can and you better make sure that you buy those matching pJ’s to be extra fancy under you plaid. They even inspire you what the cook en the style blends smoothly in

Next stop deco extravaganza at Westwing. This is the Walhalla if you want to go crazy stylish in every aspect of life.  They organise sales with well-known brands such as Missoni home, Bloomingville, Pole to Pole and so much more. They spoil you with luxurious interior inspiration, but also include care and lifestyle;You can even make your workout stylish. The styles are extensive but with one common goal: they breathe luxury.

My third and last stop is one to support my locals I picked out one cute little store @ my hometown Mechelen. My ex boyfriend is a shop where I like to snuggle around in Corona FREE times. When you go to this store (ONLINE) you will find lovely vintage furniture, gadgets, gifts that will make you smile.

So now that you are ready to go for that perfect dream away interior, it is time to talk about a trend which is gradually starting to settle down in our quarantine living room. Do not be afraid this will take you on a trip to the good old times and if you are bored as hell you can even DIY this one.

The Dye trend was hot in the nineties but is making his comeback in fashion. And if trends come back they are trying to improve them and it worked. Here are a few examples that I love!! The Asos sweater and sportswear by L’Urv make my heart beating like a happy kid.

Not ready to spend some money or do you want to dye up your quarantine? Here is a fun DIY about how to DYE:

I hope this post will keep you occupied or at least let you dream of something else. Stay safe, take care of eachother and take the time to do something for yourself.




Credits for the photos goes to al of the websites/Instagram accounts below

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I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

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