Sunday Favourites

As I am in the strangest state of mind of not following my passions and just do what I am forced to do, I decided to force myself to do what I really like. I guess the imposed Quarantine guidelines make us go nuts even though they are slowly loosening up. So I wrote this light-hearted post about the things that I find pretty today.

Bedroom softness with H&M Home

Dreaming about that summer holiday with & Other Stories

Light bronzed skin and baby blue with Cos

I hope you liked this small share and let me know if we have a common favourite. If you feel that you are stuck with doing what you really love to do, take some time for yourself and don’t be too harsh. A small tip of mine (and a lockdown discovery I made): “Yoga by Adriene” which helped me A lot. She and her Benji bring together some awesomeness into yoga.

YWA_2018_0016 | Yoga With Adriene

Have a great week.



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I'm a dreamer in general, an interior designer by heart and a light advisor by profession.

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