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My name is Melissa; a dreamer, an interior designer & a lightening adviser by heart and profession.
I started this blog with one goal in mind: being passionate for getting mo.re or less what I want.

I have always been a creative person by heart.
In my youth I made small clothes for my puppets and dolls.
Re-arranged and designed my room every so often.
It is thus no wonder I made the pursuit for a degree in creativity and became an Interior designer.

After my education I traveled around seeking my own little niche.
It took me some time to get ahead but finally experienced my first designing project as a lightening adviser.
Happiness came when I found out how much more there is to learn outside of school.

Yet, my ambition persuades me to reach for the stars and getting even mo.re out of life
The blog is my social contract of making some amends. Creating new opportunities as I pursue my passions!
I am a firm believer you can create your own luck when you work hard and passionate.
I want to share this journey in order to inspire others, to pursue them to do something you really love.
We are, after all, the YOLO-generation.

You can find me on:

Pinterest: melissaopdebeeck
Instagram: mellowantsmore

With love,


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