Pura Vida

I underestimated the power of Costa Rica and blogging at the same time. Living the Pura vida life is quite intense. I came here on Saturday after two good organised flights by Iberia and I have been spoiled ever since.IMG_2523

The beauty of this middle American country is in it’s diversity of nature and the people; so if you like one of these two things, Costa Rica should be your next destination. Some of you might be thinking that you need to wear some unfashionable Indiana jones outfits, but there is always an other way. I am doing this trip with a little sense of fashion, but off course in a comfy way.

IMG_2359IMG_2454For those of you who are curious but not sure of there Indiana jones level, I strongly recommend  doing this trip by a tour operator like neckermann. Or similar. Why? It is adventure with the C of comfort.

If you still need to be convicted or just want some tips and tricks how to do Pura Vida with a little bit of style, I will share the besties and misties (mistakes) for an inspiring,adventurous holiday.I am not sure when because I am under the Pura Vida spell.IMG_2470XO





top: forever 21

shorts: H&M

slippers: reef

Mosquito bracelet: parakito

MWM bracelet: spell on me

necklace: free mind free soul

Nikon one






Up until now, it has been a year full of challenges. Working hard, workouts at the gym but most of all overthinking life and where I stand at this moment. We often get challenged by life itself, but most of all by ourselves. I worked hard to get my mind and body on the same page and now it is time to take a step in the unknown. Curious yet?

As I am starting to write this post I am high up in the sky on my first long distance flight in my life. My family, friends and colleagues already know my destination and it goes by the name Costa Rica.

Why Costa Rica? It is as simple as uno, dos, tres… it is one of the happiest countries in the world. Before I knew that, I picked out this destination for his wonderful nature.
I am solo on the plane, but within tree hours I am meeting a bunch of Belgian travellers.

I will share my first across the ocean experience as much as I can. So I hope to see you soon at the other side of the world on MELLOWANTSMO.RE.



8 months of silence on MWM

I think I started typing this blogpost at least ten times, but It never appeared online. I guess I was just searching for the right words at the right time. I gave up blogging for a while for different reasons: first I was to busy at work, then I started working out in the gym after work, a lot of dinner formations  and after a few months I got too scared because I let you down for such a long time.

I guess every blogger has that time where they doubted themselves or takes a little break to review their blog; My break took me quite a while. My final conclusion is that it is still my passion to share with you my passions for Interior design, travel & fashion; but it will take time to get back into my blog routine. So have a little bit of patience for me.

When you loose track of yourself, it is hard to be a good person for those who are precious to you and to work on your own luck, so I took some time to work on myself and did a health check and I feel much better now. What I want to share with you is that you need to work on your inner and outer self from time to time and do not be scared to ask for (professional) help, when you feel you cannot get there alone.

I want to end this post with a positive vibe; by the end next week I will be at the other side of the world. I am going to Costa Rica!!!!! So I hope to spoil you with stories from the happiest country in the world!!!

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-08 om 16.02.52.png



Home is where the heart stays

With my head and heart still in Paris, but physically present in Belgium; I start with full courage a blog post about my wonderful stay in the City of Love, Fashion & design. so thankful that I got the opportunity to spend three days in my beloved city  and especially that I could share this magical time with two lovely ladies.

I have completely immersed them in the Parisian atmosphere with a varied program of Design, Paris & Fashion to pass my passion for this city and I’ve learned that I have succeeded!!


I will gladden you as soon as possible with a new post and I can already say that it was a successful event and Fashion Week has brought some exciting moments. I hope I have been able to trigger your curiosity and  welcome you soon on my blog!!

I wish you all an awesome & exciting second part of this week!




Happy new year

Happy New Year everyone!! My evening was pleasant, my night fun, and the disillusionment followed faster than expected. I’ve been robbed of some personal belongings and that was a downer for the start of the year.
I can only hope that you had a much better one!!

But what made the suffering less worse is that I was surround by my greatest friends. So I want to thank them for screaming with me, walking me to the station & offering a coffee. So in terms of friendship I could not be more happy to be surrounded by such great friends during the transition of the year.

For 2017 I hope that it is going to be an amazing year filled with lost of creativity, love, friends, traveling & making dreams come true! I want to wish you everything and more, and I hope that you will visit me even more than last year!




Make it a December to remember

My dearest curious noses, loyal / sporadic / new followers,

We are in the final stage of the year were we come together to around our bellies with good food in peace. It will certainly be a december I will remember for a long time! The beauty of this month is that it brings people together and that I was able to experience this personally. Family ties that were damaged or clouded for many years,  are renewed & more clear that ever.

Forgive me for my melancholic mood, but as you get older you realize how important it is to be surrounded by a warm family. I hope you can all enjoy a warm and cozy Christmas and surrounded by all your loved ones in person or in heart!

I hope that your Christmas is as cozy and warm as mine!




P.S. Thank you to the 48 countries that already visited my blog!


Breath & Reboot

A day at the beach restores the soul #rituals

Life does not always turn out the way we want to. We often get challenged to see how well we rise after falling. We sometimes get overwhelmed by all the impulses from daily life. The most important thing is to take a break from time to time, to reset your mind.

It has been quite the change this year; starting with adjusting to my new job and going solo on my first project. The last one was the bigger challenge and It was not an easy ride, but those are the most interesting ones. Even tough the project is in nearly finished, it still challenges me.  Before I  tackle the last obstacles, I descided to take a short break. 


I found the perfect spot to reboot  my head, the sea. The endlessness brings rest to my always busy head, and why not do it in style at Thermae Palace.  This place breathes architectural history and old fashion grandeur.  I want to be kind for this place because I really enjoyed being here, so I closed my eyes for little things. Of course this place needs a renovation and it does not have al the modern luxuries, but if you see the breathtaking views you know you need to focus on the  positive things.

The staff of this hotel is so kind and if you are Dutch speaking you will hear the charming West Flemish accent. I booked my stay trough Travel bird and I had quite the package: two nights, 2 breakfasts, sauna, pancakes for 2, a bike & a late checkout.

When I go to the sea I always prefer to see it as much as I can so I booked a room with a view and it was so worth it! The room was spacious, light & the high ceilings give that little extra to the room. The bathroom had a old fashion sink and Dressing table which made it quite charming. Like I said before the room needs an update and I hope they do it with style. I am always prepared to give some ideas!

This time I focused on relaxing, long walks and jogging on the beach. With his gorgeous direct entrance to the beach, this was the perfect stay. The galleries which gives the hotel the necessary grandeur are ideal for walks or just staring to the sea on one of the benches. But Ostend has a lot to offer, even in wintertime!  The indoor ice rink makes sure you are totally immersed in the Christmas spirit.  The cozy little shop who make giftshopping much more fun or in my  case  a bike ride along the sea, where you  can admire different artworks on and next to the beach;  but the sea was the greatest artwork of all.

We cannot change the fact that life occasionally overpowers us, but as long as we give ourselves the time to reboot; we can manage the world. I can strongly recommend the sea for this kind of job, with its invisible forces that fill you with energy and relaxes you completely. And if you are an architectural geek like me, Thermae Palace is a highly recommended stay.

imageBreath-in,  breath-out and enjoy your second part of this week.



P.S. If you want to know more about my stay: http://www.thermaepalace.be; if you want to know more about Ostend: https://belmodo.be/nl/go/oostende  or http://www.visitoostende.be/en