• Sunday Favourites #2800LOVE

    5 July 2020 by

    This Sunday I am going back to my roots, the city where I made some lovely, some crazy & “what happens in…” memories. As people intend to “grow up” and improve themselves, this city did as well. So if you are looking for your next lovely afternoon or weekend trip, why not try Mechelen. This… Read more

  • Sunday Favourites

    21 June 2020 by

    Sunday: the time to sit back, relax and look at lovely things. My selection of this week includes one of my own, my beloved Project M, but also interior, fashion and food inspiration. I start with a brand that has a sale on Westwing until 23:59. So hurry up if you are into black and… Read more

  • Sunday favourites: Fathers day Edition

    14 June 2020 by

    Sunday favourites are here to celebrate the things I love and today is that Sunday that we honour our dad, I’ll put this one in a daddy’s jacket.  I have an interesting bound with this guy, always a challenge and never dull, but I know I got his back and visa versa.  Lucky my dad is that… Read more

  • Sunday Favourites: Birthday Edition

    7 June 2020 by

    A week ago I got a small reminder that my blog is present for 6 years on the World Wide Web already! Sh*t, every blogger does something special for their birthdays… Should I follow the trend?! Since it has been pretty quiet for the past 2 years, due to reasons, I’ll keep it simple: The… Read more

  • Sunday favourites II

    31 May 2020 by

    Sun is shining, wind is blowing, time to slow down and enjoy the beauty in everything. To ease our minds in crazy times, I just share some pretty things that make me smile, happy & dream away. I am not the person to spend hours in the kitchen, but when I prepare food it does… Read more

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