Sunday Favourites

As I am in the strangest state of mind of not following my passions and just do what I am forced to do, I decided to force myself to do what I really like. I guess the imposed Quarantine guidelines make us go nuts even though they are slowly loosening up. So I wrote thisContinue reading “Sunday Favourites”

M&O 2020: The trends

In a world that is currently upside down I like to go back to the wonderful month of January. When looking back I would never have thought this would be the last International design fair I’d visit for the time being. I could not get myself to finish this post more early for reasons, butContinue reading “M&O 2020: The trends”

Out of comfort zone for friends

A while ago I got almost simultaneously two different assignments from two interesting peeps. Among my friends, I am known as a creative person who often makes very personal gifts. I think that was why these assignments came out toward me.   It should just be about the two most intelligent people in my circleContinue reading “Out of comfort zone for friends”

The “I will make it up to you” confession

Lately I’ve been not quite the blogger and I feel a little bit guilty to hold you from my Germany adventure. But Like they say good wine need some time to grow, and it’s the perfect excuse to cover up the crazy work schedules. To make it up to you that you are in thisContinue reading “The “I will make it up to you” confession”