The single girl lockdown guide

If you don’t know Covid 19, you have come from out of space… We are forced to change our lives completely. Keep distance: that’s fine; Wash hands a lot: Let’s do this; No group lesson or fitness: going crazy about that one; No parties or drinks with friends: not pleased at all; Staying away fromContinue reading “The single girl lockdown guide”

Out of comfort zone for friends

A while ago I got almost simultaneously two different assignments from two interesting peeps. Among my friends, I am known as a creative person who often makes very personal gifts. I think that was why these assignments came out toward me.   It should just be about the two most intelligent people in my circleContinue reading “Out of comfort zone for friends”

The “I will make it up to you” confession

Lately I’ve been not quite the blogger and I feel a little bit guilty to hold you from my Germany adventure. But Like they say good wine need some time to grow, and it’s the perfect excuse to cover up the crazy work schedules. To make it up to you that you are in thisContinue reading “The “I will make it up to you” confession”

Smoking Hot Protection Team (Winter edition)

Winter makes us crawl under huge fluffy blankets and enjoy the lazy vibe. With this comes the attitude of less taking care of ourselves. I use to quit my scrub program during wintertime, but when spring arrived I had to work hard to get my skin smooth as a baby again. But no lazy attitudeContinue reading “Smoking Hot Protection Team (Winter edition)”

My survival guide to pack for (summer) holidays

Since my vacation is coming to town, I’m searching the world (wide web) to make packing bags a little less torture.  Lucky me, the Internet is full of tips and tricks, so it should be a piece of cake, wright? I am a terrible packer, but practice makes perfect.  I use to throw all ofContinue reading “My survival guide to pack for (summer) holidays”