M&O 2020: The trends

In a world that is currently upside down I like to go back to the wonderful month of January. When looking back I would never have thought this would be the last International design fair I’d visit for the time being. I could not get myself to finish this post more early for reasons, butContinue reading “M&O 2020: The trends”

The single girl lockdown guide

If you don’t know Covid 19, you have come from out of space… We are forced to change our lives completely. Keep distance: that’s fine; Wash hands a lot: Let’s do this; No group lesson or fitness: going crazy about that one; No parties or drinks with friends: not pleased at all; Staying away fromContinue reading “The single girl lockdown guide”

Guest post: Clothes make the man

By Dimitri Hellemond A popular English proverb meaning: “appearances count for a lot”.Whatever the origin of the phrase, be it penned down by William Shakespeare or from even older rootsdating back to ancient Greece (Garments make the man), its message still rings clear to this day.Appearances count for a lot of things.In this modern dayContinue reading “Guest post: Clothes make the man”

Adventures to come, future to plan

While I am still trying to shape my amazing Costa Rica adventure in a blog post, I already worked on a plan to create my future. In between trying to get out of the jet lag phenomena, working out, learning Spanish, I have followed a much-needed Instagram workshop. And boy oh boy did we learn!Continue reading “Adventures to come, future to plan”