MO-Report 8: SO FRENCH

Unbelievable how fast this online edition has flown by. It wasn’t always easy for me to find the energy to get behind my laptop after my busy 9-to-5 job, although I’m glad I managed to finish the report. I really missed the spontaneous exploration and atmosphere that M&O aspires. Using all my senses to pickContinue reading “MO-Report 8: SO FRENCH”

MO-Report 7: Premium Design

After discussing a very important and fascinating topic we will now move on to another designing extreme namely “Premium design”. Here, we find the iconic designs, sophisticated or raw materials, one of a kind pieces or made to measure objects. As always, we will be working on different themes and some of the previously encounteredContinue reading “MO-Report 7: Premium Design”

MO-Report 4: Craft, Metier d’art

Even though I am very passionate about art and craftsmanship, the theme discussed today is perhaps one that I feel a different kind of connection with and find a little harder to integrate into what I find beautiful. Although a challenge to take a closer look at todays subject, it is important to return toContinue reading “MO-Report 4: Craft, Metier d’art”

Home is where the heart stays

With my head and heart still in Paris, but physically present in Belgium; I start with full courage a blog post about my wonderful stay in the City of Love, Fashion & design. so thankful that I got the opportunity to spend three days in my beloved city  and especially that I could share this magicalContinue reading “Home is where the heart stays”